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Friday, July 30, 2010
Out on the Farm
If I had been born just a few generations ago my occupation would have been decided at birth - and likely my name would have been Rufus as that was the family name back then.

In Sacremento, KY you farm, it's just what people do there. Mostly corn, soy beans, and, although much less popular now than it used to be, tobacco. There are crops in every direction, no matter where you are, and rickety old barns dot the landscape.

So if you're visiting family in Sacremento, like I was earlier this week, you'll likely find little to do - other than drive around and take pictures. My original goal was just to find some old bars, but while driving by one of the family farms I saw this truck. I didn't even know we had a truck.

Rickard Farms
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Big Bluff
Sometimes names don't have to be original, sometimes all they need to do is serve their purpose - to describe. And describe it does, Big Bluff is literally that, and provides one of my favorite views in Arkansas. Callan and I hiked out here a few years ago, but I decided to head back and get some good pictures. A mere 60 miles outside of Fayetteville and includes a drive by a gas station that has no less than 20 deep fried options on its menu. Nature and fried food - these are a few of my favorite things.

Not even the widest angle lens available can get all of nature's glory into one shot here, so I took 7 and stitched them together. If you're willing to drive an hour and hike an hour, you can see it for yourself. I highly recommend it.

Big Bluff
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