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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
This was one of my favorite places in Ireland for no reason other than the beautiful scenery. It was the site of an old monastery (which you can see in the background if you look very closely) and had lots of hiking trails, a few lakes, this stream, and a waterfall. I don't know if they organized this place on purpose, but one of the most amazing things was that no matter where I took a picture there were no people in the shot - and this place was crowded.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Slane Castle
People in Ireland are strange. They enjoy sunlight until around 10pm in the summer but it's nearly impossible to find food past 9 and most attractions close no later than 6 (many as early as 4:30!). So getting in all the sights was difficult. We would want to go all day, but places would be closed, and then we'd try to find something to eat, while it was still light outside mind you, and were turned away (but not without a Guiness). However, early closings were not always a bad thing. This particular castle closed fairly early, but there was no gate which allowed us to hang around as long as we wanted without another tourist in sight. The sky was very dramatic this day which works well for a castle and neighboring church/graveyard, so you'll see plenty of pictures from this place in the near future.

Slane Castle
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Cola Falls
This was our second day in Ireland and we were hanging around Dublin waiting for the rest of the family to get in (13 of us in total), so we decided to head about 20 miles south to a place called Glendalough. In what became the norm of the trip, we put the location in to my Dad's GPS and away we went blindly trusting this little computer programmed by people that likely don't live in Ireland. Despite my attempts to reason with "this road looks thinner on the map, maybe we should take the larger looking road" we stuck with the GPS winding our way through the countryside. It ended up working out fine, but was nowhere near the quickest way to get to our destination. And, had we taken the quicker way, we would have missed the valley with this bright cola colored waterfall. Dublin was cool enough, but honestly I could have just driven around the countryside away from civilization the whole trip and been just fine.

Cola Falls

More Ireland pictures to come. I've put a number of hours into photo editing already and I'm not even through day 2 of the 8 day trip.
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