Time well wasted

Friday, August 26, 2011
Hawksbill Crag
Well, summer is officially over. Fall classes have started, and it's back to working 40 hours per week. My goal at the beginning of summer was to spend at least as much time outside as working. I'm not quite sure I achieved it, but I got close enough - especially considering I injured my knee playing softball in late May and wasn't able to run again until last week.

I spent about half the weekends of the summer either hiking or at the lake, made trips to CA, MO, and TX, and I managed to see three bands that have been in my top albums of the year list. Before this summer I had seen 1. I plan on adding two more to that list before it gets cold out.

So all in all, I consider it time very well spent. Between those activities and studying for my comprehensive exams (time not as well spent), it left very little time for photo editing. But now that summer is over, I'll probably spend a little more time on it.

This one is from one of my hikes this summer to the Buffalo River. It was also the trip where we finally got to eat deep fried hamburgers.

Hawksbill Crag
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