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Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Jacob's Barn
In my part of the country you don't have to drive too far to see some great run down, picturesque barns. But generally there's very little place to park other than in someone's driveway and I'm always worried about someone getting upset that I'm trespassing on their land. So despite the proximity to these gems I have yet to stop and take a picture of one. Back in Kentucky where my family is from however, the town is so small that I figure if anyone ever does approach me they'll either be family, or know my family. There's probably a greater chance they'll have no idea what I'm doing and not care anyway. This a place where I've been stopped more than once while jogging and asked if I needed a ride.

This barn belonged to my late uncle Jacob. It doesn't house anything more than rusty old farm equipment these days, but it still stands, and hopefully it will continue to for years ahead.

Jacob's Barn
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