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Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Powerscourt Estate
This picture is the polar opposite of whats going on outside my window right now.

For one, the green grass has been replaced by a few inches of ice and snow. Two, there's no awesome mountain (which would actually be a welcome addition to the snow - at least I could snowboard). And three, I don't know what the opposite of sprawling gardens outside a mansion is, but I'm pretty sure it's what I've got going on outside my tiny apartment.

This was taken at Powerscourt Estate which I think is a little southwest of Dublin. Its a beautiful place but it's been redesigned to milk tourists for as much as possible while retaining as little of the original charm as possible. It now has a hotel next door, two golf courses, and a number of shops (a mattress store if I remember correctly) and restaurants. You can't even see most of the inside of the house because it's only available to be rented out for weddings. But I suppose you've got to pay the bills somehow.

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