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Monday, October 11, 2010
King of the Mountain
I don't often post pictures of people, and even less often of family, but I just like this shot that much.

I had kind of forgotten about this picture - mainly because it wasn't planned and I was firing off shots like there was no tomorrow. I had other pictures of family from the trip but they were all staged.

Really it's the candidness (is that a word?) of the shot that I like so much. In fact, I'm pretty sure this my favorite picture of my family (although I can't decide if I like the HDR version or the original version better). This was shot on our first day in Ireland in a city just north of Dublin. We had all been hiking around in different areas and for some reason met on this hill. Unplanned, unsynchronized, and better because of it.

I'm pretty sure there was an impromptu game of king of the mountain right after...

King of the Mountain
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