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Friday, May 28, 2010
America... heck yeah

For those of you who know what my hometown is, you probably also know what it is not - classy. When you enter town from the South you're greeted with an old Air Force jet and an American flag. I'm not sure how you can show your patriotism better, other than pretty much, you know, anything else. A nice statue or memorial or something of the sort would be nice. And I've got nothing against the flag, the jet is just way out of place in a park. Erasing the stand holding it up and making it look like it's (sort of) flying is a little better, but honestly it just looks like this:

Jet 2

So veterans, thank you for serving our country, and Monett, thank you for reminding me why I'm glad I no longer pay taxes to you. I'm guessing jets aren't cheap.
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