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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Theatre or Theater?
Greek Theater

A quick google search doesn't really help with the spelling of the word. Some sites say 'theater' is the building whereas 'theatre' is the art. But then you've got the Broadway Theatre in NYC which refers to the building. Who knows. Point is, I did not see a show at the above theater last night, although the weather would have been perfect for it. I imagine the raising and lowering of sets is difficult in an open outdoor theater. (I've decided to stick with theater since I feel it most accurately reflects my status as someone not fancy enough to use the word theatre)

However, I did see a play last night courtesy of the Walton Arts Center and their blogging contest. If enough people vote my review best I win a Broadway season package. Score. (follow this link http://bit.ly/bNKlKP and click "like" on my comment if you'd like to help me win!) Since cameras are not allowed in the theater I thought I'd include a shot of a different theater - the Greek Theater at the University of Arkansas.

But I digress, the real reason for this post is to review South Pacific, the musical I saw at the WAC last night. If you know me well you probably would wager that I've never heard of South Pacific before. You'd be right. But I went, and I enjoyed. The story follows a group of marines in the South Pacific during WW2. A nurse has fallen in love with a French plantation owner and the Lieutenant has fallen in love with a young islander girl. On the side you've got a rowdy group of sailors who operate a laundry business, make grass skirts, and serve as the comedic relief of the show. The singing, dancing, and acting was top-notch. I'm still amazed at people that have the talent to do all three simultaneously live. It was funny, it was sad, and you see a bit of unexpected male behind - which is cool if that's your thing. And if you were expecting a intelligent review, you obviously don't come here often. I take pictures folks.

If you'd like to see the show, the WAC may have some seats left, but from the looks of the theater last night the show looks to have sold out. However, even if you can't catch it at the WAC, you can always find a copy of the DVD which stars Reba McEntire and Alec Baldin. Want.
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