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Saturday, June 25, 2011
Chroma Cave
I love deep fried anything. If I'm at a carnival or state fair and they deep fry something, I'm having one - or two. This trip was born out of a conversation about how a local restaurant's "deep fried hamburger" is not actually deep fried, but topped with an onion ring that is deep fried. Within a few days a friend had located a place a few hours away in Jenkins, AR that actually does deep fry a hamburger and the decision to drive there was made.

The timing was impeccable because today is the tiny town of Jenkins' 14th annual Elk Festival which included the state championship elk calling contest, a miss elk pageant, a dutch oven cook off, and who knows what else. If that isn't your idea of a good Saturday then I don't know that we would get along.

It was also very close to some very good hiking, so we took off early in the morning to get a hike in before the deep-fried lunch. Editing wise I actually did very little to this picture. All the colors were present in the original but the HDR process really brought them out. A little unexpected, but I like it.

The one flaw in the otherwise perfect Saturday plan was that the restaurant that usually serves deep-fried hamburgers is right by the Elk Festival and was serving a limited menu due to the rush. The regular hamburger just wasn't the same.

Chroma Cave
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Friday, June 3, 2011
The Outdoors
My goal for the next 3 months is to spend more time running, biking, bbqing, hiking, camping, picture taking, attending outdoor concerts and baseball games, and doing anything else outside than I do working. It's a lofty goal, but I'm pretty sure I've got it in me.

I've hiked out to this spot I have no idea how many times. It feels like it's in the middle of nowhere even though you can actually see the mall from this very spot during the winter. The brief hike requires a trek through lots of thorn bushes and a quick balancing act on a tree over a creek, so I always end up debating myself on how good I think the sunset is going to be. Since I'm still terrible at predicting these things, I generally end up giving in and hiking anyway. This has been the best sunset I've seen out there so far, but I'm still hoping for better.

Spring Sunset
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