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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Colors of Spring
So my picture for this week was somewhat inspired by this shot (which I did not take):

Stuck in Customs

I know right? Way better than mine. But in my defense, I don't often make it to Kyoto, I don't have a $10,000 camera, and my bamboo were only 2ft tall.

I've been sitting here thinking about re-writing this post as not not include the above picture. It goes against my high school English teacher's "fat guy on the beach" theory which states if you find the largest, palest guy on the beach and hang out near him, you'll look better in comparison. It's the motto of my life... well that and everybody wang chung tonight.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
The Duckfro
I completely forgot to post last week. Not really sure how that happened but this week there might be two pictures - maybe.

Life has been busy lately. End of the semester projects will be due soon and at work I've got to hire a new batch of tutors before everyone leaves for the semester. Much to do in the next two weeks.

This has unfortunately left little time for picture taking, but luckily I still have a stash of unused shots that can hold me over until summer.

This shot was taken at the same lake in Little Rock as the one a few weeks ago. You'll notice that the 3rd duck from the left does not have a normal rounded head. No sir, this duck has an afro, and a pretty sweet one at that.

Sunny Lake 6
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Thursday, April 8, 2010
Party at the Park
Well thank you to all who voted for me to win season tickets to the Walton Arts Center. I got 11 votes. The winner got 89. But that's ok, at least 11 of you and my mom love me.

This was shot on an incredibly windy day. The people down in the gazebo were having a party and I can only imagine clutching to their plates of potato salad while trying to keep their napkin from flying away. I admit it's not a terribly interesting picture, but it was a good day for clouds so I decided to get out and shoot, even if it was just at the park down the street.

Gulley Gazebo
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