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Friday, May 28, 2010
America... heck yeah

For those of you who know what my hometown is, you probably also know what it is not - classy. When you enter town from the South you're greeted with an old Air Force jet and an American flag. I'm not sure how you can show your patriotism better, other than pretty much, you know, anything else. A nice statue or memorial or something of the sort would be nice. And I've got nothing against the flag, the jet is just way out of place in a park. Erasing the stand holding it up and making it look like it's (sort of) flying is a little better, but honestly it just looks like this:

Jet 2

So veterans, thank you for serving our country, and Monett, thank you for reminding me why I'm glad I no longer pay taxes to you. I'm guessing jets aren't cheap.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I spent most of this day (as in about 45 minutes), unsuccessfully, trying to find a spot around lake Fayetteville where I could be close enough to the water to not have trees in the picture. This was about as close as I could come. However, as I was standing there I saw a dock across the lake that I had no idea existed. You can barely see it on the right side of the shot. Thanks to my iphone I figured out how to get there and went out the next day. It's still a little odd to be somewhere where you can't see civilization but still have internet access.

Mirror Lake
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Monday, May 17, 2010
The Concrete Jungle
So it's not quite the same Concrete Jungle that Jay-Z sings about (where dreams are made of) but it's about the closest thing we've got here in Fayetteville Arkansas. It's about the only open-air place I can think of where you can go and not see sprawling hills or even a single tree. I kinda like that about Fayetteville.

Throw in a manhole cover and you've got the perfect setting for a ninja turtles movie.

The Garage

Speaking of turtles. I spent a good portion of the weekend randomly roaming about taking pictures, and while trekking around lake Fayetteville I found this little guy.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010
The elephant in the room
I was talking with someone the other day about cake decorating (cooking is one of my other favorite hobbies) and I mentioned how terrible I am at decorating. I'm just not very artistic. I can't draw, I have terrible handwriting, I'm not good with graphic design and architecture and interior design aren't really my fortes either - although I do appreciate good work when I see it.

Which is why I find photography to be such a peculiar art form. I'm not creating anything really - I just position myself in the right place and time to steal someone else's work.

Such is the case below with Fayettville's new elephant Nomkhubulwane. It's made of old tires and is one of twelve such recycled elephants circling the globe. I didn't weave the thing, I didn't design the town center or the condo unit in the picture. I didn't pick out the clouds or the blueish gray of the sky. I'm not the artist, I'm just an amateur art thief.

*As an aside, do not try to figure out the correct spelling of amateur by googling the word. It brings up a lot of things you'd probably be very embarrassed to have show up on your work computer.

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