Time well wasted

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I got detention once in my life, and it was probably the only trip I made to the principal's office as well.

So what was my crime? Drugs? Swearing? Skipping class? Back talking teachers? Parking in the teachers parking lot on a Saturday since there was no one there and we had an early morning soccer match?

If you guessed the last one, you are correct. Rules are rules I suppose - even if it doesn't matter.

I've just never been much of a trouble maker, or maybe the modicum of trouble I did cause went unnoticed. Either way, it's always a bit startling now days to be reprimanded. My crime this time? The camera.

I doubt people with little point and shoot cameras or iphones get much scorn from security, but when you haul around a large camera (especially if you have a tripod) you're automatically seen as someone up to no good. I'm not sure why this is, but I've been told to stop taking pictures on a number of occasions by security guards. No police yet, but I'm sure my day is coming.

So this is the restaurant (called Eleven) at the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR. That's right, there's a world-class art museum in Arkansas - thanks to Walmart of course. Cameras are allowed inside, but apparently you're only suppose to photograph the art (who would want to do that anyway?) not the structure of the building. Luckily only one guard cared enough to stop me, the rest either didn't notice me breaking the rules or realized that I was not in fact trying to destroy the museum.

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