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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Sunrise Sunset
Since taking up the photography hobby I tend to watch the sky a lot more - watching for a good cloud day that will make for a good sunset. Sunrises are also quite amazing - I just don't make it up that early very often. But over the past couple weeks I've gotten to see some of both.

From Thanksgiving

This was actually a few minutes before sunset, but I liked the sun in the dilapidated barn window.

From Sunset and Christmas Cookies

Jess and I stayed up all night to watch a sunrise - it was a great day. I was a little worried it would be too cloudy, but it was perfect.

From Sunset 12.15

Winter is great for sunsets, unfortunately they generally happen right around 5pm - right as I'm getting off work. I happened to notice this one starting at about 4:30, so I left work early ran like a crazy man over to my favorite photo spot to get a few pictures.

From KY Christmas 08

My mom actually took this one. It was Christmas eve, I had taken some pictures of the clouds earlier that day and missed the sunset. I stitched together a few of her pictures to get a panoramic shot.
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