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Monday, July 21, 2008
What am I, an astronaut?
Occasionally I randomly (or not so randomly) choose a college and look at job openings to see what I'll be qualified for once I eventually leave the U of A. I found this gem at Belmont University. It's a Student Services Coordinator (which is just vague enough to involve almost anything. Here's the description of the working conditions (with comments added)

Sedentary work (sweet). Occasionally requires standing (well f), lifting(sedentary my ass), pulling(tug of war?), pushing(I hope it's small children), carrying and climbing(climbing? seriously? Hot), reaching both high and low(how high?). Frequently requires walking(done) and balancing(wait, at the same time?). Constantly requires sitting(I'm a fantastic sitter), repetitious finger and wrist movement(crocheting?), speaking clearly(I tend to mumble), hearing conversations(does this job involve spying?), hearing with acuity(my hearing is more obtuse - bad math joke), seeing near and far with depth perception and color vision (my vision, much like my sense of humor, is off-color).

I think I'll have to cross this one off my list sadly.
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