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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Oh man, it's tired in here...
So I wrote this post on the plane ride back, but I just keep forgetting to post it, so here goes.

In the first 25 years of my life I left the country once – to Canada. On Friday I set foot in 4 countries in one day (of course 2 of them were just airports, but the point remains). It feels like I’ve been gone forever, but it’s only been two weeks. It was an amazing trip, and I’m also so glad to be home. Traveling to countries like we did really opens your eyes to the blessings we have in the US. Little things you don’t think of like drinking tap water or having signs on the highway to tell you where to turn.

Anyway, the trip. Every time I pack for somewhere it takes me forever. And people tell me to hurry up and that if I forget something then I can get it wherever I’m going. Not true in SA. Cal and I were left without luggage for 3 days, and I forgot my camera battery charger (which for someone who loves to take pictures as much as I do – it’s heart wrenching when the first of your 2 batteries dies 2 days into the trip and you realize you have no way to recharge it). Sure I was able to buy some clothing so I didn’t smell all the time. But it’s remarkably hard to find underwear and socks.

The camera situation turned out to be not too bad. I used Cal’s some, and eventually just said screw it and took as many pictures as I wanted. My camera’s low battery light started to flash as I was taking the last pictures I wanted to take of the Plaza on the last night of the trip. All in all I took nearly 800 pictures over the course of 2 weeks, Cal took a few hundred as well. I’ve narrowed them down to my favorite 100 or so pictures which you can see on my picasa site http://picasaweb.google.com/bsrickard/CostaRicaAndPeru and a few will follow in blogs about the trip.

Country #1 – Costa Rica
Cal and I decided for a summer vacation going only somewhere with no beaches where its winter is just silly. And after many words of praise from Wes and an amazing flight deal, we decided on Costa Rica. Almost everyone in this country spoke at least some English. I was amazed. We got of the plane and headed for Dollar Rent A Car. Having a car in this country was very nice, and at the same time scary as hell. The drivers here are mad men – but not as bad as Peru actually. Anyway, the drive from San Jose to Quepos is very cool – either driving through the hilly rain forest or along the Pacific Coast line. We stayed in a town near Costa Rica’s smallest national park. But although small it was very cool. Walking through the park toward the first of many beaches we came along this little guy

I have no idea what it is, but he was not scared of us.
We hiked to a beach our last day before our flight out and where the only people there when we arrived. A few more came later, but probably no more than 5 or 6 people.

It was here we saw the most monkeys. They were all over a tree right near us and didn’t seem to mind me getting close enough for some pictures.

Hiking away from the beach we stumbled upon some more monkeys.

We also saw a few big lizards.

And some amazing views while hiking.

All in all it was a quick few days in Costa Rica, but they were definitely fun. We drank lots of Imperial beer and had some of the best nachos ever at a restaurant that’s made out of an old army plane.

I wrote a Peru post on the plane ride as well, so I'll be posting that one soon.
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