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Monday, November 23, 2009
Sun v. Clouds
This wasn't really how I intended the picture to turn out. This was my first shot of the morning and the shutter speed was a little slow (which is why you can't see any detail around the sun). But it ended up being the only shot with the awesome sun rays, so what can you do.

Anyway I kinda like it. It looks like the morning sun is driving back the clouds from the sky.

On an unrelated note, I made it to work in record time today. Apparently all the traffic near my house is related to parents dropping off their kids at one of the many schools near us. Campus is also a little dead, but that's to be expected. I'm hoping for at least 5 out of 24 students in class tomorrow (last day of class before break and it's a 3:30pm class - I'm not holding out a lot of hope).

I'm off to Denver for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I'll get some good shots to share. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

From Sunrise 11.20.09

(click on picture to see larger version)
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