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Friday, February 9, 2007
Bluetooth Socery

So at I have newish computer at work with a fancy schmancy bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse. As with all technology... I never trusted it... not once. And just as I could have guessed, the blue light on my bluetooth keyboard (coincidence? I think so) turned...


Apparently this is the sign of a self destructed bluetooth keyboard. So, as the computer guy was busy, I spent my day browsing the internet with a mouse not able to do any work (for once an excuse). I left early because well, sometimes you hit the point where a mouse just isn't enough to entertain you.

So I come in in the morning and what do I find? Quite possibly the worlds oldest surviving "quiet key" (quiet key my ass) keyboard. It has yet to fail me, unlike that new fangled bluetooth sorcery (who knew spell check would be ok with fangled but not bluetooth). It's dark sided, and I will not have it in my office. I have spoken it into existence. If you believe in Jesus you can stay.
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